NATIONWIDE -- Wells Fargo is using the added attention from the Wells Fargo Championship Golf Tournament in Charlotte to launch its new brand campaign, "Re-established."

  • Wells Fargo's new campaign is called "Re-established"
  • It includes commercials, web space and an online progress report
  • Bank still needs to satisfy several orders, including paying a billion dollar fine 

Commercials and web space are being dedicated to promote the bank's work to address a steady string of scandals over the past several years.

“[We’re] saying to the market, ‘Hey we’ve identified these challenges, we’re doing things to make things right with customers, and ensuring that we’re doing the right thing every day for the best customer relationship that we can have,'” region bank president for Wells Fargo Kendall Alley said.

“Re-established” also has a progress report online.

It says the bank still needs to satisfy the Federal Reserve's consent order, pay its billion dollar fine and reform risk management practices.

“I want to see the substance,” NACA president and outspoken critic of Wells Fargo Bruce Marks said.

He wants to see more favorable products and services go along with the messaging.

“People are smart,” Marks said. “They'll go to where the best terms are, lowest interest rates are, they'll go where the best fees are. That’s what they have to do."

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