FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- The first of its kind, a Fort Bragg school is named after a woman who pushed for desegregation. 

The new Mildred B. Poole Elementary School was dedicated on Wednesday. 

Poole was the first chief administrator and principal of the Fort Bragg School System. 

Called a pioneer of her time, Mildred first opened school doors for African-American children on Fort Bragg three years before Brown v. Board of Education forced integration in schools nationwide.

"It’s powerful to me to know that other people know her story and that the children here know her story and maybe they’ll find some inspiration in it to do what’s right all of the time and not feel like they have to follow the crowd," said Mildred's granddaughter, Gwen Bell. 

The new elementary school opened after winter break and now serves about 530 children on post.

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