BOONE, N.C. -- Students at Appalachian State University came together to protest Dr. Michael Brown speaking on campus.

Members from the LGBT community say this type of speech should not be on campus. After flyers started popping up on campus, students began to do research into his literature and they state that he feels the church can cure the LGBT community.

Students say this form of speech is hateful and do not understand why it would be allowed by the school.

"I think that goes its discriminatory speech and that speech empowers people to act on their hate and at that point I don't think that is free speech at all. Whether it be small or large it's harming people and I don't think it should be allowed," said sophomore Lee Hansen.

We reached out to App State about this and they sent a statement saying,  "Opening dialogue fosters understanding among people who hold different opinions and beliefs. At Appalachian we look for ways to do this while also helping our students develop and hone critical thinking, resiliency and communication skills."

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