CHARLOTTE -- A Charlotte area law firm is taking its own stand in the fight against opioids.

Bryan Corbett of Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP says their law firm is offering free legal representation to those in Iredell and Alexander counties who have overcome opioid addictions.

Corbett says individuals seeking help can only have possession charges of scheduled II or scheduled III opioids. They cannot pick up any other criminal charges while the original charge is pending in the court system and they must complete at least a 4 week inpatient treatment program to be offered help.

“You know we want that individual to channel all their resources financially to go to rehab program and then focus on that recovery,” says Corbett. “Instead of having to worry about hiring an attorney, so that’s why we’re doing it.”

Corbett says he hopes their program will inspire other lawyers in the area to help a neighbor out as well.

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