CHARLOTTE – A group of middle and high school Charlotte students are heading to California next weekend for a business plan pitching competition.

They're part of a new organization called "The Silicon Valley Young Coders' Club," a California-based non-profit teaching students how to become entrepreneurs.

"How to start your company and like the things needed in a business plan and what you to do if you're an entrepreneur like how you need passion and creativity are needed to start a company,” said Aaditya Malapati, 8th grader.

The group launched in Charlotte in October, making it the 12th Young Coders' Club in the country and the first one outside of California.

For eight weeks, 40 students worked in teams learning how to turn their ideas into business models. After hosting their own pitch session, the top two teams are now heading to Silicon Valley to present their start up plans. They’re also competing against all the other Young Coders' Club for a $250 cash prize.

But win or lose, these students said they're taking home more than just a prize but lifelong skills.

"No matter field you go to you're always going to need the skills you know how to present yourself, how to sell yourself and how to sell our ideas and i think that's what the program taught us," said Sanskar Deva, 10th grader.   

New sessions for the program will start in January. All the sessions are free, but they are accepting donations to expand the program.

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