CHARLOTTE -- The results of a Spectrum News/SurveyUSA poll show a tight race for Charlotte mayor, two weeks ahead of Election Day. 

The poll results show Vi Lyles at 41 percent and Smith at 40 percent.

Councilman Smith holds 85 percent of the Republican vote, with just 6 percent defecting to Lyles, while Mayor Pro Tem Lyles holds 71 percent of the Democratic party base, with 12 percent defecting to Smith.

Smith leads white voters 2:1 while Lyles leads African-American voters 2:1.  Lyles leads 20 points among women, while Smith leads 19 points among men.

Smith currently is seeing support among young voters, leading by 30 points for voters 18 to 34, as Lyles is leading for voters 35 and older.

Lyles leads by 34 points among voters who believe affordable housing is most important, while Smith narrowly edges Lyles among voters focused on transportation and social issues. 

Charlotte residents oppose the using  of taxpayer dollars to fund the cost of a new soccer stadium 3:1. They support a $15 minimum wage 5:3. 

When it comes to Confederate war memorials and statues on public property, 38 percent think they should be left in place, 43 percent think they should be moved to a museum and 11 percent believe they should be removed from view in entirety. 

With the Carolina Panthers based in Charlotte, 39 percent say that NFL players should be required stand for the national anthem, while 52 percent say that they shouldn't and 9 percent aren't sure.