GUILFORD COUNTY -- It's that time of the year again when high school seniors start applying for college.

Some students took a break from their normal class schedule to participate in "College Application Week."

Katherine Anderson, a senior at Smith High School, submitted her first set of college applications today. Anderson said she's nervous but she has faith that she will get into one of the schools she applied to.

Thanks to the College Foundation of North Carolina, students are able to save money while applying to a number of schools. From Nov. 14 - 16, students in the state can apply to a select number of schools in North Carolina for free.

College adviser Destiny Planter said, "A lot of my students can't afford to pay for college applications just like I couldn't when I was a senior in high school. This is their opportunity to apply for school for free without having to worry about fees or anything like that."

The high schools make it very easy for students to apply. All they need is their social security number along with their parents' information. The process is not only free but it saves time, says Planter.

Katherine, who aspires to be a pediatrician one day, says she's glad she took advantage of the opportunity.

"The support is humongous! It makes you win. When they come talk to you and tell you what you have to do, it makes you feel all prepared, and you're just so excited. You have no worries when they are speaking to you and helping you out."

For more information on how to submit applications click here.