CHARLOTTE -- In the past two weeks eight law enforcement officers have lost their lives at the hand of a shooter.

The most recent killings happened on Sunday when Gavin Long killed two Baton Rouge officers and a sheriff's deputy. In Dallas, five officers were killed by shooter Micah Johnson.

Both of the shooters had a military background. Long served in the Marine Corps and Johnson was in the U.S. Army Reserves.

 "My condolences go out to all families who have been part of this," said U.S. Navy Veteran Rev. Yvonne McJetters, who works with the veteran community in Charlotte. "When I hear the word veteran my heart goes out period. There is not enough help for mental health issues."

McJetters said the budget for mental health has been declining.

"Which is a crime in itself,” she said. “Mental health is an issue not just in the veteran population. It’s an issue in this community in the United States period."

McJetters said mental health is a touchy subject that rarely gets brought to light.

"A lot of families beg for mental health support services for their families and until something like this happens then we say 'Oh well this happened,’ Well if you would have taken care of this problem prior to now it may not have gotten to this issue like it is today,” said McJetters.

McJetters said not all veterans are aware of services available to them.

"So that when they have a situation when they have a panic situation they have people around them they can pick up the phone and call,” she said.

McJetters hopes discussing mental health will start to bring solutions.

"Let’s lift the veil on mental health," said McJetters, who also wants everyone not to forget the bigger picture. "Let’s appreciate our law enforcement. Let’s appreciate our veterans and let’s start working together."

For information regarding Mental Health Services in your area visit VA Services or NC Mental Health.