CHARLOTTE—The Carolinas are banding together to help flood victims.

North Carolina charities like the Salvation Army are gearing up to bring food, water and eventually a helping hand so flood victims can clean up the damage.

“We've got enough right now for about 1,000 bottles of water, and probably about 4,000 cups of coffee is what we're preparing for. We're taking some energy bars and those kinds of things,” said Salvation Army Maj. Larry Broome.

They'll deliver much of it from the back of a truck over the next week.

“Even when you've lost everything, a hot meal and a kind word, touch on the shoulder often means everything as far as bringing hope to people,” said volunteer Richard Vosteen, who has been doing this for years.

Vosteen says he wants to deliver hope.

“We're at the bottom now. Things get better each day,” he said.

The crew plans to be in Columbia, South Carolina for a week.

The Salvation Army is asking for donations. To help, you can follow this link: