CHARLOTTE -- The tragedy in Charleston continues to bring up discussions about racism and hate crimes in America and many parents are asking, how do I have those conversations with my kids?

Kellee Pressley has nine kids; the oldest is 22 and youngest 3 years old. She went in-depth with her older kids and sugar-coated details a bit with her younger ones.

Dr. Dave Verhaggen, a child psychologist, says Pressley did the right thing.

He says when addressing such sensitive subjects, it's important to make sure kids feel safe.

"A person did a really bad thing, and explain in the basic terms what happened. Then say, but he was caught, he's in jail, and he's not going to do it again. So, that's your first order of business,” said Southeast Psych, Dr. Verhaggen.

Dr. Verhaagen also says if you're not sure whether your younger kids know about what happened in Charleston, start by asking questions.

If it still seems they're not sure, leave the conversation alone and save it for a later time.