BELMONT, N.C. -- The streets of Belmont could soon be home to a blast from the past.

Town leaders and a hometown nonprofit seek to resurrect a trolley system.

"To put a new image. To help Belmont be independent of the other municipalities here in Gaston County and really stick out," said City Councilman Ryan Schrift.

Those heading up the project envision a series of 30-foot, 30,000 lb. quiet cars taking Belmont citizens across the streets.

Leaders of the nonprofit Belmont Trolley, Inc. said the project harkens back to Belmont's history.

"Back in the teens up until the early 30s before they discontinued streetcar service," said Belmont Trolley, Inc. Secretary Nathan Wells.

A history that some Belmont residents said they're ready to see again.

"It says that Belmont has an eye into the future," said 20-year resident Delta Sanders. "We are a former mill town with a rich textile history and here they're taking a little bit of the past and helping to move us into the future."

Town leaders already have their first streetcar in mind.

"Trolley that's currently housed in a museum in Vancouver, Canada," Schrift said. "We've put a deposit down on it and we're going to be in the process of raising money to first buy the trolley and, second, transport it from Canada back here to Belmont."

To get it from the Great White North to the Tar Heel State takes money.

But Belmont Trolley, Inc. leaders said taxpayers won't be footing the bill.

"We're a nonprofit group so we're not seeking tax money," said Wells. "The tracks are owned by the state of North Carolina, NCDOT's rail division. The intent is to lease the tracks to us and as far as operations and everything else go, we'll be supported through private grants, donations."

A community effort project leaders hope will turn the wheels to a new future for Belmont.

An Indiegogo campaign has been created to help Belmont Trolley, Inc. raise $16,000 in 60 days to bring the trolley in.

To give to the campaign, click here