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The Big Story

Redistricting: Congressional map approved by N.C. General Assembly committee

The Republican-led redistricting committee in the North Carolina Senate approved a new congressional districts map Monday. The map, which sets out new U.S. House districts, is already facing criticism over potential gerrymandering.

The state General Assembly goes through redistricting every 10 years after the census population counts are released. North Carolina's redistricting efforts during the last cycle ended up in political and legal battles for most of the decade, with courts ordering legislators to redraw the maps several times.

"These congressional maps represent an extreme partisan gerrymander that splits communities of interest," said Rep. Kathy Manning, a Democrat representing the Triad area.

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Around North Carolina

1. Offshore wind part 1: Big business for North Carolina

Over the next decade, the offshore wind industry could transform the way North Carolina gets its power. It could also mean big investments and major changes for the economy. One offshore wind farm area, off the Outer Banks, is already leased, and there are plans to install 2.5 gigawatts worth of wind turbines starting 27 miles off the coast. 

2. 'Hemp Fever': Cannabis thriving in North Carolina despite crash, pandemic

After growing hemp became legal in North Carolina, people jumped at the chance to make a quick payday selling products of the cannabis plant, but that was years ago, and now that "hemp fever" has passed, only the determined remain.

3. Changing face of N.C.: How ghost forests are changing coastal ecosystems

A ghost forest contains the dead trunk of trees that were killed by flooding or saltwater intrusion. Coastal North Carolina has seen a lot more ghost forests appear in recent years. Scientists say sea-level rise is to blame.

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Editor's Pick - N.C. Zoo animals get COVID-19 vaccines

The North Carolina Zoo is vaccinating 33 of its primates and big cats. The vaccine is manufactured by Zoetis, and is specifically designed for animals.