High blood pressure is considered the silent killer because the symptoms go noticed, and comparatively, African-Americans are most at risk.

At Brick's Barbershop, owner Deryl McCray is offering a $5 discount to his patrons if they simply agree to get their blood pressure taken. 

"The first thing about saving a life is taking preventative measures and this is one of them," McCray said.

Suffering from high blood pressure himself, Daryl knows the importance of monitoring his health. African-Americans are three times more likely to die from hypertension-related conditions. Inner city residents often dont have access to care. 

"Utilizing my business in the community and me knowing how really important it is that everyone gets checked, it's a good idea, because we do get a lot of men that come in," said McCray.

"We can actually start affecting the health of people who are in the community who, for whatever reason, may not be accessing health care available to them but could get good advice and counseling in a very familiar place in their neighborhood, the barber shop," said Dr. Richard Blinkhorn, Albany Medical Center.

The program Cut Hypertention partnes the barber shop with a local hospital and fraternity. 

"A lot of folks may not be educated about particular outcomes and conditions," said Dean Akinleye, Alpha Phi Alpha. "This allows us to speak with them in a comfortable environment and giving them empowering information that helps themselves and help the community at large." 

Hypertension is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease, screeing saves lives, Cut Hypertention is spreading across the county.