WAKE COUNTY, N.C. -- "Saving Grace" is a unique local dog shelter that's helped thousands of dogs find “fur-ever” homes.

  • Molly Goldston is the executive director of "Saving Grace"
  • The one-of-a-kind dog shelter is located in Wake Forest
  • Dogs interact with each other in play groups so potential new owners can see how the dog behaves 

The woman behind the non-profit, Molly Goldston, is more than a dog lover. She’s the executive director of the one-of-a-kind shelter in Wake Forest.

“We take in dogs from all across North Carolina from different shelters where they have a high intake and not always enough resources to provide necessary care and adoptions,” said Goldston.

Goldston started the non-profit in 2004 in hopes of creating a shelter with a friendly, homey environment. Over the past 15 years they’ve adopted out nearly 20,000 dogs

 “So it’s a little different from your typical animal shelter where they might be housed separately. Everybody that comes here, they have to be good with other dogs and have to be able to be out in play group. That way people can meet a lot of dogs at once and see them interacting with each other,” said Goldston.  

It’s a unique environment with unique volunteers.

 “You can’t explain this place. You can’t describe it and you can’t explain...usually I do a lot of talking, which you know already, but this is a place that absolutely you cannot describe to friends. And I feel so fortunate,” said volunteer Margaret Duncan.  

Goldston says they rely on volunteers and donations from the community to help get these pups into happy homes.

“We don’t get any funding from the county or state. it’s all from our donors and we have about 250 volunteers who are amazing. They provide all the care every day and all our transports, from picking up dogs from shelters, to taking them for spay and neutering, grooming,” said Goldston.

All of this work leads to many success stories, which keeps this Everyday Hero going, along with knowing that many other dogs need fur-ever homes.

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