CHARLOTTE -- Brittney Bogues’ last name might sound familiar. She's the daughter of former NBA and Charlotte Hornets star Muggsy Bogues.

"My dad has his own nonprofit, Always Bee-lieve, and he helps at-risk youth, providing after-school tutoring, at no cost to them,” she told us.

Like her father, Bogues decided to give back to the city she loves, and it's been a "slam dunk," starting with the Charlotte nonprofit, Junior League.

For Bogues, working with Charlotte's youth is one of her passions. She teaches financial literacy to students but also works to keep them off the streets.

"I've also been newly elected to the JCPC, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, and that's been really cool. We're in charge of a nice size budget to allocate to youth services and prevent them from ending up in the criminal system,” said Bogues.

Fitness is also a big part of Bogues' life, and she used it to find a way to give back.

She’s partnered with Coreology and is their ambassador. They group does fitness classes for different nonprofits."

When she's not in a gym, you can find her on the charlotte streets, passing out lunches to those in need with the group, #HashtagLunchbag.

Bogues said, "We pack over 250 lunches I believe, and we put little notes in them and we go out and hand deliver them to people in the community."

She's petite in size, but her heart and the impact it has is huge.

"I feel like I have so much more to do and so much left in this life, and so, I still am grasping the fact that I am making an impact."

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