ST. LOUIS — The Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) will receive 62 dogs from the National Mill Dog Rescue at its headquarters in St. Louis.

The two organizations have partnered together to provide necessary shelter, medical care and adoptive services for the rescued dogs, according to a press release.

The dogs were rescued from breeding facilities throughout the Midwest.

The rescued breeds include pugs, standard poodles, miniature poodles, great Danes, border collies, shih tzus and chihuahuas. They will receive health evaluations and emergency vet treatment at the humane society’s quarters, according to the press release.

“Because of important partnerships like this, our team can help give these dogs the care they need and the second chance they deserve for healthy and happy lives,” said Kathy Warnick, HSMO president.

“But our mission to end the cycle of abuse and pet overpopulation through rescue efforts and world-class veterinary care isn’t possible without the support of our community.”

HSMO says the dogs will be available for adoption after they have received a clean bill of health by the veterinarians and have been evaluated by the animal behavior team.

Visit HSMO’s website for when they become available.

To support the care of these dogs, donations can be made on HSMO’s website. Items can also be donated such as blankets, newspapers, dog toys and beds.

To report an animal that may be in danger or is suffering from neglect or abuse, call the police and the HSMO’s animal cruelty hotline at 314-647-4400.