Stacy Lynn is a meteorologist and digital journalist for Spectrum News in both the Kansas City and St. Louis markets. She received her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Penn State and her Master of Science in Environmental Science with a focus in meteorology from the University of Virginia.

Prior to joining the Spectrum News team, Stacy worked as a meteorologist for the local ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates in Charlottesville, Virginia. She also teaches environmental science as an adjunct professor for Dona Ana Community College at New Mexico State University.

In addition to forecasting the weather for Missourians, Stacy’s day-to-day consists of writing weather and science-related stories for both local and national audiences. Stacy regularly updates her social media pages with weather-related discussions and videos, as well.

When not working, Stacy enjoys spending time with her husband, two boys, and their dog, Boomer. You can usually find her out on the trails running with Boomer.

You can find Stacy on Instagram @weatherwomanstacy, X (formally Twitter) @WXWomanStacy, and on Facebook as Spectrum News Meteorologist Stacy Lynn. You can also email her at