MADISON, Wis. — Madison College Dental Clinic is spearheading a month-long initiative to provide free cleanings and preventative treatments for children in need, coinciding with Pediatric Dental Month.

What You Need To Know

  • Madison College Dental Clinic and local dentists collaborate to provide free pediatric dental services throughout February
  • Initiative includes free cleanings, cavity prevention sealants and educational sessions on good oral hygiene for children in need
  • Fundraising efforts led by instructors and community support mad the month-long initiative possible
  • The focus is on promoting long-term dental health habits and addressing immediate dental needs in underserved communities

Nora Foster, an 8-year-old recipient of these services, expressed her gratitude.

“I’m super glad that they have this February thing so I can get my teeth cleaned,” she said.

Dental hygiene clinic student Kayla Soule said she was grateful for the opportunity to not just learn but also give back.

“Some kids can’t get that care (dental work) due to money. So it’s great that we can host this,” Soule said. “And then kids come in and we can really start educating them really young, so they start these really good habits before they get older and it’s kind of too late.”

This endeavor was made possible through a year-long fundraising effort led by instructors Eric Ewing and Holly Sanderson. Everyone working in the clinic pooled resources and sold products to make the effort a reality. 

“I couldn’t be more proud,” Ewing said of his team.

Dr. Kevin Green from Madison Lakes Dental and Erica Olsen from Patterson Dental also joined forces to assemble teeth cleaning kits for 50 children from the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. They will host an oral hygiene event on Feb. 27 at the Perry Family Dental Clinic. Both said this preventative dental care is crucial for young patients.

“Dental disease is one of the main reasons that kids in this school, you know, the pain, you know, if you have untreated dental disease, the pain that kids can be in from that is pretty excruciating,” Olsen said.

For more information on how to access free appointments for pediatric dental services at Madison College Dental Clinic, click here.