MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee has some of the worst road conditions in the United States, according to a new study by Teletrac Navman, a tracking software company. 

Milwaukee residents are aware of the pothole woes. 

More than 9,700 pothole requests have been sent to Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works so far this year.

That is more requests than the department received throughout the entire year in 2020 and the entire year in 2021.

Milwaukee DPW officials stressed they are working hard to fix the potholes and working on several other road repair projects. Milwaukee DPW noted that pothole filling is a temporary, quick repair until more permanent road improvement takes place. Milwaukee DPW has 71 projects scheduled throughout the city this year. 

Potholes form because of the fluctuations in temperature. Wisconsin’s weather does not help with potholes. 

Potholes are driving people to repair shops.

Yaqub Hamdan, who works at First Rate Auto Service in Milwaukee, said he’s seen more and more drivers coming to the repair shop because of potholes.

“An increase in suspension work — we are doing a lot more wheel hubs, lots of tires, just a lot of wear and tear you typically don’t see,” said Hamdan.

Hamdan said this year he’s seen an increase in suspension repairs overall, too.

“Probably 50% of the cars that come in need suspension repairs in the past three months — so an increase big time,” said Hamdan. 

While it may be hard to avoid potholes, Hamdan said there are ways to avoid being a repeat pothole customer.

“The slower you go and more careful you are about driving is best. Also, be more aware of your surroundings and do your yearly alignment. I recommend doing an alignment at least once or twice a year,” said Hamdan.