MILWAUKEE — 20 years now after the war in Iraq began, countless veterans who'd served in the Middle East, including many here in Wisconsin, are receiving help for everything from PTSD to toxic burn pit exposure.

"It's a wide variety of issues," said Jill Geoffroy, Marathon County's Veterans Service Officer. "Sometimes it's mental health [related]... The PACT Act just passed for burn pit exposure... and also AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) issues, both counseling and any other type of help with substance abuse."

But some veterans out there who could benefit from assistance aren't getting the help they need, either because they don't know about the services out there or they don't want to engage in the process of getting it.

"Our role is to facilitate veterans and help them connect with services that they need," Geoffroy said. "Sometimes those are services to help get VA healthcare... The other services that we do [include] burial services for veterans, we assist with survivor benefits for veterans [and] we assist with claims for disabilities and appeals."

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