MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County moved into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's “high” level of COVID-19 community spread on Friday.

This led the Milwaukee Health Department to issue a mask advisory for the city of Milwaukee. They said "all individuals, regardless of vaccination status or past COVID-19 infection, should wear a mask at all times when indoors and in a public setting."

As those numbers increase, one Milwaukee restaurant, Mad Rooster Cafe, said its customers have reached a place of comfort when it comes to dining in. 

Server Damaris Palacios said while waiting tables, some customers have opened up to her about how they are feeling in regards to COVID-19 in the city. 

(Spectrum News 1/Katarina Velazquez)

“I don’t really hear a lot of people worry anymore,” said Palacios. “It’s still a little in the back of our minds.” 

She said most people who dine in take their own precautions, but feel safe to be out in crowds, despite growing numbers. 

While many share different outlooks on the matter, Jennifer Engdahl said the restaurant’s main priority is health and safety at all times.  

“They're all pretty comfortable with how things are going,” said Engdahl, who is the assistant general manager at Mad Rooster Cafe. “I think that it's not so scary anymore. We're all taking preventative measures to make sure that we are all staying healthy and working in a healthy environment.”

Engdahl said one thing COVID-19 taught them was how to be more understanding with one another when it comes to dealing with staff who are sick or not feeling well. 

(Spectrum News 1/Katarina Velazquez)

Despite the ongoing health changes that may happen in the city, Palacios is staying optimistic and is counting her blessings. 

“I’m just happy,” said Palacios. “Just happy to still be here, still breathing, with a job, my family... .Everyone is healthy.” 

As many continue to navigate the ever changing world we now live in, staff said all are welcome to do what they feel is necessary for their own health and safety. They hope customers return each day with a smile.