APPLETON, Wis. —  Curt Gloudemans had some forklift driving experience when he came to RGL Logistics a few months ago.

But he wanted more and he wanted to drive larger lifts.

What You Need To Know

  • RGL Logistics is seeking about 30 people for jobs in the Fox Valley and Green Bay

  • Jobs include fork lift operations and production team members

  • Logistics careers have garnered more attention through the pandemic  ​

Gloudemans got that chance during one of the slower days at RGL’s Appleton facility.

“I kept getting better and better and now I’m a forklift operator,” he said.

His move to the company is at a time when getting goods, products and raw materials to consumers and businesses is at center stage.

Since the start of the pandemic, logistics, and the art of science of moving items from point A to point B, has taken on a higher profile with the general public.

That comes down to people like Gloudemans.

“If you run out of something, we’re trying our hardest to get it to you,” he said, while loading a semi-trailer.

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

RGL is seeking people to fill jobs ranging from forklift operators and production teammates to an operations manager and human resources generalist.

Lincoln Spencer, an operations manager in Appleton, said the importance of helping move goods has been highlighted through the pandemic.

“I think it goes from the everyday consumer to teammates on the floor seeing what happens when a shipyard gets clogged up to when a material has a shortage or somebody buys everything,” he said. “It affects everywhere and it could be the slightest issue. But we’ve recovered from that and that’s part of what we do here, make sure we’re caught up with everybody else.”

He said RGL employees have a wide range of backgrounds.

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

“Everyday people,” Spencer said. “We go from substance abuse and alcohol recovery to single mothers, single fathers to people just trying to better themselves with a higher education.”

Angie Olson started just a few months ago and said it’s a job that keeps her moving.

“I like the fact that everybody is helping everybody,” she said. “You’re not stuck by yourself in a little corner. Everybody is open-minded and willing to help you out.”

Gloudemans said it’s those interactions with other employees that keep the job fresh and engaging.

“We pick everybody up when we’re having a good day,” he said. “If we’re not having a good day, we pick ourselves up even more.”

You can take a look at the open positions here.