MILWAUKEE — A new procedure, the only one of its kind in the Midwest, is being offered at the Milwaukee VA.

The Milwaukee VA is one of two VA locations across the country using new technology to help veterans suffering from carpal tunnel.

Just two weeks ago, veteran and emergency department doctor Jonathan Wiese had surgery on one of his most used tools, his hands.

“I have no pain at all. Even no surgical pain,” Dr. Jonathan Wiese said.

Dr. Wiese suffered from carpal tunnel, making it hard to drive or even hold a cup of coffee. Recently, he was one of the first to take part in in a procedure using the new technology that will end his pain. 

“It’s good to know that they are doing this upstairs and that they are at the forefront of this technology,” Wiese said.

​The Milwaukee VA is one of two VAs across the nation to have the ability to treat carpal tunnel using ultrasound and just a small incision. This is instead of cutting his palm open with about a month of recovery time. Just two days after his surgery he was back to work helping patients.

Dr. William Dzwierzynski, chief of plastic surgery at the Milwaukee VA performed the procedure on Dr. Wiese and said it's amazing technology.

“We can see all the small branches of the nerve and make sure this is not only a surgery that is a fast  recovery but it’s safer too because we can see exactly what we are doing,” Dr. Dzwiersynski said.

And the little to no down time is what he believes will make a difference in a lot of people's lives who are in pain.

“If we can offer people very limited time off from work just three to five days, that’s significant,” Dr. Dzwiersynski said.

Not only offering a quick recovery, but a life without daily pain.