FREEDOM, Wis.— A Wisconsin boy is making a name for himself as a young entrepreneur.

In less than a year, Aaron Vandenhauvel has raised nearly $4,000 for water for South Sudan. He’s been busy in the kitchen making yum yum rolls with a special recipe from someone close to him.

When Vandenhauvel smells the sweet sugary smell of caramel rolls, the first person he thinks of is his grandma.

“I started these rolls because my grandma used to make these rolls and it’s her recipe,” Vandenhauvel said.

However, this year his family lost their maiden baker, but Vandenhauvel wanted to keep her memory alive in a sweet way.

“When she passed away I wanted to make some to put in her casket as a gift to go to heaven with,” Vandenhauvel said.

Now, fast forward a few months later Aaron has taken this recipe to new heights. He started his own business, Yum Yum Rolls, at just 12-years-old, in honor of his grandma.

“I do think about her a lot when iImake them because the smell brings back a lot of memories,” Vandenhauvel said.

Now is be able to share the warm gooey goodness with people all across the Freedom-area. These rolls are filled with more than just caramel and cinnamon, but also a pinch of charity.

The proceeds for these rolls are going towards providing water for South Sudan.

“I thought this would be a great w​ay to support it because I could sell these rolls and raise money for water for South Sudan,” Vandenhauvel said.

It’s something his mom, and business associate, is very proud of.

“Just to see him act on it and his energy and motivation to really want to do it, and the big thing… to stick with it as a 12-year-old. My husband and I are really proud of him,” Vandenhauvel's mom, Michele Hepfler said.

He’s stared a business venture in honor of someone he loves while finding a way to spread that love all the way to another country.

Vandenhauvel has a goal of raising $15,000 to be able to build a well for water in South Sudan.

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