MILWAUKEE — A small business is using a big stage at Summerfest to gain exposure.

Summerfest is a great place for small businesses to get some exposure. So for a small business from Illinois crossing the state line was definitely worth it.

It’s Ashley Barnett’s first time to Summerfest and it just so happens to be her big debut for her handmade candle business, Scents and Such.

Barnett is from Gurnee, lll., just across the border. She heard about Summerfest through an ad on the radio and thought it would be the perfect way to gain exposure for her candle business.

“This is the biggest event we have done for our businesses scents and such,” Barnett said.

Barnett is a chemist and has been making candles for around 13 years or so. She began making candles as a form of therapy for her anxiety and depression. She’s now hoping these candles will help others as well.

“All of our scents here are infused with essential oils which have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression and boost your mood and help with focus,” she said.

For her, being at Summerfest could just so happen to be the biggest stepping stone for her company.

“This could honestly be life changing for us. All it takes is one interaction, one opportunity to be exposed to a whole new audience,” Barnett said.


Scents and Such is also a recipient of the BMO EMpower grant for small minority businesses. Barnett said she used some of that money to help pay her entrance fee as a vendor to get into Summerfest.

It's a big opportunity for a small business at the Big Gig.