MILWAUKEE — While many Green Bay Packers fans across Wisconsin were undoubtedly excited to have legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers back in the building Tuesday after a tumultuous off-season, others were taking a wait and see approach to #12 going forward.

"My own view is his reputation has taken a big dent— thrown for a loss, if you will," Evan Zeppos, a senior public affairs advisor with Michael Best Strategies told Spectrum News 1. "I would have told him to take some of the drama out of it if he could— maybe have a very short, concise, written statement that he could live by over the last number of months. But this staying silent, these strategic leaks to some of these national reporters, really makes himself out to be a diva and someone who's hurt himself, quite frankly, at least in the reputation area."

While Zeppos said Rodgers legacy's dented after the past few months, he also acknowledged that the quarterback's actions and message going forward could do a lot to getting him back atop many Packers fans' pedestals.

"Winning cures everything in professional sports and that's what Aaron Rodgers has to do this year," Zeppos added.

You can watch the entire interview with Zeppos above.