With the global scale features that control the weather trends locally changing throughout the winter season, we can expect the bitter cold stretches alongside thawing out! We focus on December, January, and February in our outlook predictions, but November could be telling in the months ahead as we have already had an active stretch.

December looks to bring above average temperatures. This does mean both colder and warmer days, but enough warmer days to bring the temperatures average up by the end of the month. As temperatures trend warmer, we will see less cold air intrusions which can limit lake effect snow or mean less snow and more wintry mix when it comes to coastal storms.

As we turn the page to 2019 and January, it could be a month of being average. Sometimes being average isn’t a bad thing. We will see less extremes and more typical winter conditions which will bring the normal about of cold and snow. We will keep up with our normal winter activities, bundle up and have a little fun in the snow along the way. 

By February, many folks are ready for the winter season to come to a close, but we know better. With temperatures trending more below average we could allow more arctic cold air to settle in. This would mean more opportunities for lake effect snow and would keep us cold enough for snow if a coastal storm approaches. This is not to say we can’t see a thaw in this month, but cold air will likely win out.

As with any forecast, we will see how it plays out as we get closer to each month, but no matter what the weather we will shovel and snow blow, we will have slow and tough commutes, and we will find ways to make the best of it because that’s why we live here!