LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Residents line the Russell neighborhood sidewalk to pickup squash, apples, potatoes and other fall favorites from a pop-up kiosk hosted by Change Today, Change Tomorrow.

What You Need To Know

  •  Change Today, Change Tomorrow hosts three pop-up free food kiosks a week to help fight food scarcity

  •  The program is called "Feed the West" and was started in 2020

  •  The strategy for the program is to bring fresh food directly to people who need it     

The group offers free groceries for their “Feed the West” program, started in 2020 to fight food scarcity. 

“Our solution was to have kiosks in pop up in our neighborhoods instead of having people come to us,” explained Icyreen Ford, Program Support Coordinator for Chang Today, Chang Tomorrow.

She grew up in the California Neighborhood and wanted to help her community. 

“All you can think about is how you are going to feed yourself. You can’t put any of your brainpower, any of their energy, into anything else besides meeting that basic need. So you’re kind of at a standstill until you get help,” she said.

Trader Joe’s donates food which they can’t sell.  

“Instead of throwing it away, they will donate it to us,” Ford said. “We will then bust open that bag, take out the bad apple, and then serve our residents with the rest.”

The organization hopes the pop-ups are community run in the future. 

The pop up hosts three times a week at three different locations — including one on Thursday at 2234 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard.  

Feed the West is accepting volunteers to help with their grocery pop-ups.