LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This month, Kentucky launched a new at-home recovery program to help curb drug overdoses. It’s a concept to help Kentuckians affected by addiction to “recover where you live.”

What You Need To Know

  • Kentucky launched a new at-home recovery program to help curb drug overdoses

  • The aim is to “recover where you live”

  • Nine other states have a similar program

  • State Sen. Julie Raque Adams said the Cabinet for Health and Family Services has allowed Aware Recovery Care to accept patients

The Commonwealth becomes the 10th state to launch an addiction care program.

“It’s the new model for those who are struggling with addiction and those who are trying to get into recovery,” said State Senator Julie Raque Adams.

She said this model is another option for people to overcome the ongoing opioid crisis.

It’s called Aware Recovery Care where detox or therapy services come to the home to work with people dealing with their addiction and their family, which she said is very critical.

“Many times when people leave and they go into residential care, they have to come back into their home and figure out how to live again,” Adams said. “And this takes care of all of that right up front. They teach you how to live in your own home, with your own family, with, you know, all these different pressure points that people in recovery might experience.”

She said this approach could benefit working families who cannot risk losing their jobs by going into treatment.

“When you talk to people in Kentucky that have been affected by addiction, it is heartbreaking to hear those stories,” Adam said. “And it’s not just the person who’s going through the addiction and trying to get the help they need. It’s their children. It’s their spouses, it’s their moms and dads.”

She said she wants to welcome this program to Kentucky because not all options work the same for people.

“Some people in in-home recovery care will be gold and other people they need to go to residential and be removed from their environment. Some people can do it outpatient, but it just depends,” Adams said. “The more options we have, I think the better off that we will be doing for the people of Kentucky here trying to get themselves pulled together and healthy.”

Adams said the Cabinet for Health and Family Services authorized Aware Recovery Care to accept patients and they’re partnered with Anthem. She said they plan to expand their partnerships with other health care providers.