KENTUCKY — May is National Water Safety Month and with summer just around the corner, the YMCA is hoping to bring water safety to the front of everyone's minds.

YMCA of Central Kentucky shared a host of tips and best practices to promote drowning prevention and encourage adults to be "water watchers" this summer. Here are five ways you can ensure a safe, enjoyable swimming experience.

Never swim alone

Swimming solo is never a good idea. Teach your kids that they should only swim in places with a lifeguard on duty, or where a responsible adult has agreed to watch them.

Supervise the kids

Any time they're in or near water, keep a close eye on them at all times.

Don't hold your breath

Breath-holding contests and activites may seem fun, but they can be especially dangerous and lead to accidental drowning.

Wear a life jacket

If you're taking your boat out to the lake, make sure everyone has their life jacket securely fastened—especially those inexperienced non-swimmers.

Don't jump for the save

If a friend or child is struggling out in deep water, the safest way to help is using a long object to reach for them and pull them to safety.

YMCA of Central Kentucky is also encouraging adults to take their online Weather Watcher Challenge. Eight winners will be chosen at random for prizes including free swim lessons and water safety gift baskets. You can sign up online through May 30, and winners will be announced June 3, 2022.