WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. — It’s a labor of love and an opportunity of a lifetime.

Paula Tackett is an artist here in Woodford County who has been asked to take on a specific job. 

"I've been asked to paint and depict different various parts of Woodward County and just the best highlights of the county, different businesses, different scenery, and things that really depict life here."

She was commissioned by The Art Village, The Woodford County Chamber of Commerce, and Woodford County Tourism to create a work of art that would represent all that Woodford County has to offer.

Tackett said, "They gave me a concrete list of things that they thought would be good to include on the horse. And so, I just looked those things up and kind of thought, "What would be interesting, visually, to have on here, and what things do I really need to highlight, major parts of the county and things that we really want people to focus on as far as what we're about, our history, and where we're going in the future with business and industry in the county."

Judy English is with the Art Village and helped choose Tackett for the job. 

asked to paint and depict different various parts of Woodward County (Spectrum News 1/Steve France)

"We were asked to join in and partner because our mission statement of the Art Village, generally, is to promote and encourage the arts and the cultural development of our community. And what better way to be partnered with the Chamber and tourism and Paula to depict, in one big area, the history of Woodford County."

An original work of art in Lexington, a horse was purchased at auction and donated to the Woodford Chamber years ago. Although beautiful in its original design, years of exposure to the elements had taken a toll and the horse and it was in need of a refresh …. That’s where Paula’s journey began.

She told us, "It was very beautiful, but the paint had started to chip, and it was in need of a refresh, and they thought this was a great opportunity to maybe bring in some things that were more Woodford County-centric and show some of the things we have to offer here.

Judy English: It's a good thing to show all of the different venues, basically, of Versailles in Woodford County so that when the tourists, or even Woodford Countians, who don't know some of the things that have moved here and don't know what was in our county, what were years ago that you don't see very often."

When finished, the horse will be placed outside of the Woodford Chamber office to become a signature to our community and a focal point to welcome all visitor and guests.

Tackett can't wait. 

"My hope for this piece is that it is really visually interesting, and it's a good way to showcase art and the arts in Woodford County, both highlighting all the attention to the different industries, the different businesses, and just some of the charm of the county and things that make it home for us."