FRANKFORT, Ky. — Starting Thursday, all Kentucky state employees and visitors will have to wear a mask inside state buildings, Gov. Andy Beshear announced on Wednesday.

What You Need To Know

  • State employees and visitors inside government buildings have to wear masks starting July 29, Gov. Beshear announced Wednesday

  • Beshear shared the change in a message to state employees on YouTube

  • Masks are required regardless of vaccination status, as Beshear cited the latest guidance from the CDC that found vaccinated individuals can still spread the delta variant

  • Beshear said he hopes the precautions will be temporary

In a video message to state employees, Beshear said the rule will apply to all employees and visitors, regardless of their vaccination status.

Prefacing his announcement, Beshear likened the battle against COVID-19 in Kentucky to war, and said, "we don't get to choose when the end of a war occurs."

The governor cited the latest guidance from the CDC that found vaccinated individuals can still spread the delta variant.

"That changes a lot," he said. "It puts our workforce at risk, it puts your health at risk and it puts at risk our ability to provide services that are desperately needed in person to the people of the Commonwealth."

"So starting tomorrow, we are going to have to mask up again. It is a requirement that all of our state employees – while indoors around other people at work – wear a mask to protect themselves and those they interact with. We’re also going to require all visitors to state buildings to wear one as well."

Beshear added that he hopes the precautions will prevent any "cluster outbreak" that could shut down essential in-person services.

Beshear is expected to hold a Team Kentucky briefing tomorrow afternoon with the new rule in place. In his video statement, Beshear said he thinks the masking requirement will be a temporary measure.

"Let's come in tomorrow doing the right thing – for each other and for this state," he said.


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