NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — Veterans and first responders are being recognized at the Barbasol Championship in Lexington with free tickets and resources.  

What You Need To Know

  • Veteran and first responders were given a free day pass to the Barbasol Championship

  • Veterans had a designated area, with a view to the course with tables set up with free resources for veterans

  • Mark Roland, a member of the Military Mission, served for 30 years

  • Adde Mattox, with the Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs, served for 24 years

Mark Roland, veteran and member of the Military Missions, served for thirty years and says he is honored to be recognized during the event.

“We take care of our own, so to speak, to take care of those that come after us, is huge, and it's an honor and then it's greatly appreciated to know as somebody who has served in uniform, that the public stands behind us,” Ronald said.

Veterans and first responders are able to attend the event for free and are granted seating in a specific area. 

Members are then able to watch the tournament and enjoy free resources from different veterans organizations in Kentucky.

“Golf is a big popular activity. The PGA is nationwide. And so to get that publicity to help us support our troops, is a big deal for us,” Ronald said.

The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, Hero Hut, and Lady Veterans Connect were just some of the many tables set up that provided connections and resources for veterans in attendance. 

After serving 24 years in the Army, Addie Mattox says coming together to enjoy a game of golf is something she is grateful for.

“I didn’t to go to college because there was no money at home, so I joined the military, went to Germany for my first three years active duty, didn't have a lot of options coming out, coming out of Germany, coming back home so I joined the Reserves, which I stayed another 21 years,” Mattox said.

Now volunteering for the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, Mattox says her new mission is to connect with others within her community. Using the PGA golf event as her starting point.

“To me personally, I think sometimes you forget about being a veteran yourself when you can help other veterans in need because they are your brothers and your sisters, no matter where they come from, what they've done. Whether they served with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, they're your brothers and sisters no matter where you go in the world you're always going to find a friend and so you’re gonna help them and they’re gonna help you,” Mattox said.