TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky veterans gathered at a Taylorsville farm for an equine therapy session hosted by the Veteran’s Club.

What You Need To Know

  • The Veteran's Club hosted the Salvation Army Homeless Veterans program for equine therapy

  • It was the first time the Salvation Army Homeless Veterans program got to experience equine therapy since the start of the pandemic

  • Equine therapy helps veterans because some find it easier to be with an animal than try to talk face-to-face with someone

  • The Veteran's Club offers several programs to help veterans

20 veterans from Kentucky participated in Saturday’s session. Seen were from the Salvation Army Homeless Veterans program. Saturday’s session was the first time members from this program got to experience equine therapy since the coronavirus pandemic.

“We usually always support Salvation Army Homeless Veterans down at least once a month,” said Jeremy Harrell, the founder of Veteran’s Club. “They haven’t been able to come out for more than a year now.”

Veterans from both the Salvation Army and the Veteran’s Club were divided into smaller groups where they spent time with one of the horses from the farm. They’re able to enjoy the scenery as well as be able to create bonds with one another and the horse.

“It’s easier for veteran to connect when there’s a horse in between them rather than sitting in a chair looking each other in the eye talking about their worst day,” said Harrell. “Out here they can talk over the horse while they are grooming the horse while they are in a calm and controlled environment.”

The Veteran’s Club offers other programs to help veterans connect like an off road Jeep program, barbecues, and other social events.