LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Friday marked 100 days people in Louisville have protested for racial justice and justice for Breonna Taylor's death. A group marched from Jefferson Square Park Friday evening, continuing to demand the officers involved in Taylor's death be arrested.

The memorial for Taylor at Jefferson Square Park, or "Injustice Square Park," as protesters call it, has grown. There's artwork, posters, and a candle by the names of people killed by police.

Rosie Henderson is the guardian of this memorial. She carefully adds others' artwork to it, and covers it with a tarp each night to keep it dry. It's her way of contributing to the protests, in a role she says brings her peace.

"I feel hope. I feel like our city is gonna heal but [we're going to] need justice, you know," said Henderson. "This is my part at giving back. This is, this is peace. 

Henderson said the three officers who killed Taylor need to "go through the process," as she puts it, of being arrested and charged.

"Go through the process, because, if that would’ve been the average person, we would’ve been through the process, underneath the jail, and on our way to prison. I just say it how it is. It’s enough of the racism," she said. 

You can find Henderson watching over the growing memorial every day, until she's satisfied justice has been served.