LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Breonna Taylor was remembered at a special ceremony in Jefferson Square honoring her life and her memory.

Louisville Metro councilwoman Barbara Sexton-Smith (D-4) released 8 ceremonial butterflies with Tamika Palmer, Taylor's mother.

The councilwoman presented Palmer with official copies of the Breonna Taylor Law passed by Louisville Metro Thursday night.

“It just was amazing to know that people cared. To know that this law will save someone else. I couldn’t believe it, it was unreal.”

Sexton also presented Palmer with a lifetime achievement award for Breonna Taylor.

But it didn’t stop there. Louisville Metro and the non-profit, Game Changers, announced a memorial project that will dedicate the circle in Jefferson Square park as Breonna Taylor Fountain Circle.

Palmer was thrilled with the tributes for her daughter saying, "f she was here, oh my God, she’d be so happy. Oh my God, this is amazing.”

Palmer also received a butterfly patch to put on Taylor’s EMT jacket. A young artist also presented Palmer with a painting she did of Taylor.