KENTUCKY — Rep. Andy Barr R-Ky., represents Kentucky’s sixth congressional district which is based in Central Kentucky, covering 19 counties including Fayette, Madison and Scott counties.

During this In Focus Kentucky segment, Rep. Barr discusses his co-sponsored Ensuring Sound Guidance (ESG) Act, that could place limits on financial advisers and retirement funds.

Barr’s legislation would target funds that are environmental, social and governance issues, known as ESG. Barr’s proposal would update the Employee Retirement Income Security Act to require retirement funds to focus only on maximizing profits, limiting the ability to invest in ESG options.

“What are these funds? These are funds that people use to save for the retirement, saving for college for their kids or for their non retirement savings? What are these funds? They’re called environmental, social and governance funds. Basically what they are, are left wing political agenda that’s disguised as social corporate responsibility. The reality is that the American people deserve maximum returns. And by in large, most American retail investors want returns over some political agenda in their retirement accounts,” said Rep. Barr.

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