LOUISVILLE, Ky. — One month into the new year, it's difficult to keep up with New Year’s resolutions, but some are sticking to the grind. 

What You Need To Know

  • Nearly one in four resolution-makers don't maintain their behavior for their New Year's resolution past a week

  • One expert says the key to making resolutions stick is to set reasonable goals

  • Another tip is to set goals for each day that you can check off a lilst to build momentum on your goals

  • Crunch Fitness  says it is still having a surge of new memberships

“This month has been completely overwhelming with the amount of new members. We are having tons and tons of new faces that are walking in our doors,” said Crunch Fitness General Manager Austin Mota. 

Crunch Fitness in Middletown currently has over 8,000 members and Mota is helping Kentuckians reach their fitness goals.

“Whether it’s the personal training department, that if they don’t know how to use equipment, we have people that are readily available to help them with that, our staff completely care and are bought into the mission of crunch. And that mission is 100% without a doubt to change lives,” said Mota. 

However, keeping your new year’s resolutions can be difficult.

One study says nearly one in four resolution-makers didn’t maintain their behavior past a week. 

Jonathon White is a licensed clinical social worker with the Institute of Health Equity at Norton Healthcare. He says the key to keeping your resolution is setting reasonable goals.

“A lot of times people want to work on exercise. A reasonable goal is to work out for 30 minutes rather versus for an hour and a half. And setting reasonable goals each day that you can check off gives you a greater sense of accomplishment. And what we want to do is boost confidence and self-esteem so that we can reach these small goals, then we can achieve the bigger ones,” said White. 

And Mota is looking forward to helping others become the best they can be.

“Fitness has always been a part of my life, but more importantly, it’s always been trying to help others become the best version of themselves,” said Mota. 

Crunch Fitness has seen many new members this year. They will be expanding their gym in the next few months.