Most years, you dream of a white Christmas if you live in Kentucky.

What You Need To Know

  • A white Christmas is very rare in Kentucky
  • The chance is less than 10%

  • There is a specific definition of a white Christmas

  • The chance of one this year does not look so great

There is a true definition of a white Christmas. It doesn't mean that a few flurries have to be falling, or it looks like a whiteout outside your window. 

The definition of a white Christmas is there has to be at least an inch of snow on the ground at 7 a.m. Christmas morning.

Even if it snows on Christmas day, by definition, it may not be a white Christmas. Likewise, if it is not snowing and there is more than one inch of snow on the ground, then by definition, it is a white Christmas.

The History of a White Christmas

It has been a few years since parts of Kentucky have seen a white Christmas.

The last time Louisville had one was in 2010, where one inch of snow was on the ground.

Covington had a more recent white Christmas, with one inch of snow on the ground in 2017.

Lexington had two inches of snow on the ground ten years ago in 2010. 

The snowiest Christmas on record was back in the 1900s.

Chances of a White Christmas

The historical chances of a white Christmas over the last thirty years is generally less than 10%. Of course, the farther north you live in the state, the greater the chance of seeing one.

  • Covington: 18%
  • Louisville: 11%
  • Lexington: 10%
  • Paducah: 7%
  • Bowling Green: 6%


There have been a few years when several inches of snow were on the ground in Kentucky.

The deepest snow on the ground Christmas day ranges from 5 to 10 inches.

So, What is the Chance in 2020?

So, you're saying there's a chance?

Yes, I see the chance for some of the white stuff on Christmas Eve, followed by an Arctic blast on Christmas day.

This doesn't mean we will have a white Christmas this year, but there is a chance for some rain and snow the day before Christmas with the best chance of seeing one in eastern Kentucky.

Stay tuned!