SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — Small drug stores across Kentucky are planning to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine program, but are waiting for the arrival of more doses.

Pharmacists at Andrew’s Pharmacy in Shelbyville say they are ready to help end this pandemic.

Pharmacist Jon Harned says, ”We give vaccines all the time anyway but we wanted to be apart of the solution for the COVID and help immunize the public and help save lives."

When the phone rings and Harned or an employee answers, there’s a good chance it is someone anxious to get the vaccine. 

“We have 10-15 calls a day which is a lot for us looking for the vaccine,” says Harned.

As a result of all the calls, the pharmacy has started a waiting list at both it’s Shelbyville and Louisville locations for Kentuckians interested in receiving the shot. Harned says when they receive the vaccines they will work down the list accordingly.

 “A lot of people that are calling are the older folks who really need it and high-risk patients calling looking for the vaccines, explains Harned.

For now, the demand for the vaccine across the U.S. outpaces the availability.

“We’re signed up and ready to go. We’re frustrated that we can’t get the vaccine yet, but I think everybody is in the same boat. We’re all trying to get the vaccine to help get this COVID behind us,” adds Harned.

He says they requested 150 doses of the Moderna vaccine since storage conditions aren’t an issue with that vaccine. Pfizer must be stored in ultracold temperatures.

“We do have the capacity just the ones that are refrigerated. We can hold more than 150, but we can hold quite a bit, explains Harned.

One thing smaller pharmacy operators want to stress to Kentuckians is patience.

“I know everybody is looking very hard to get the vaccine, but just everybody be patient,” says Harned.

Andrew’s Pharmacy staff say it will take several more weeks for their locations to be included in the rollout efforts.