LEXINGTON, Ky. —The sisterhood of the traveling scarves is a Louisville organization's way of helping cancer patients around the state. The UK Markey Cancer Center recently partnered up with Hope Scarves to share a little hope and happiness to those undergoing treatment.

The Weber family was punched in the gut when Carolyn Weber was diagnosed with breast cancer this last summer. Her diagnosis came after the family lost her sister to breast cancer earlier. 

After watching her sister go through the ordeal, one of Weber's biggest fears was losing all of her hair once she started treatment. 

Hope Scarves collects scarves from all over the country, they are then professionally dry cleaned and sent to people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. The organization has sent over 16,000 scarves to people with over 90 different types of cancers from all over the 50 states and in 26 countries. 

“Surrounded by loved ones and people who care for you but they really don't understand what you're going through with the treatments and surgeries and toxic side effects and things like that. So just connecting with someone, hearing their story, reading their words and encouragement from somebody who's been there is really powerful,” founder of Hope Scarves, Laura MacGregor said.

When Carolyn was chosen to receive a scarf from the Hope Scarves, she went with something bright because the bright colors made her shine and gave her the strength to continue her fight. 

“I’ve been scared, but reading the story of Alison the lady that I got this scarf from gives me strength to know that I can fight and survive for my family,” Weber said.

Carolyn hopes one day once she is finished with all of her treatment, she will be able to pass along the scarf tradition and help someone else through their walk with breast cancer. 

“Hopefully I will be able to meet the next person that I can hand my scarf off and let her know that it's okay to be afraid. And it’s okay because you’re looking at a survivor,” Weber said.