ELSMERE, Ky. — Protests are scheduled to take place not only in Louisville Saturday, but also across the state.

Chris Brown is a community advocate. She’s sitting at Rosella Porterfield Park watching a group of teens and children play. But Saturday, she’s expecting hundreds of people at the park in Elsmere.

“Right now, Kentucky is in a battle with trying to get justice for Breoanna Taylor and also exposing, sending light to some of the shadowed places,” Brown said.

She’s organizing what’s called "Good Trouble Saturday," a tribute to the late Congressman John Lewis. It’s a call to action to demand justice for Breonna Taylor and for equality.

Brown is hoping to get the next generation of young people more involved.

“I would challenge all the regions in Kentucky to get involved with this. This is the Northern Kentucky one. We’re doing that and we’re doing it in solidarity for Louisville but we’re still all Kentucky,” Brown said.

In early June, Brown organized the initial small town protests where roughly 1,300 people attended.

“We are demanding that our local government demand of their counterparts justice for Breonna Taylor, we’re done with it. It is been played around with long enough. They are just tip-toeing around it and we’re done with it. We want justice for Breonna, she was one of our own, her life mattered to us and apparently, it matters all around the nation,” Brown said. 

The protest begins at 2 p.m. at Rosella Porterfield Park in Elsmere. It’s about a 2-mile march to Boone County High School concluding with a rally.

Brown said they will also be hosting a voter registration drive at the event.