LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In addition to large groups of local protesters expected to gather outside Churchill Downs Saturday, out-of-state militias and civic and church leaders are expected to join as well.

What You Need To Know

  • Local and out-of-state protesters anticipated Saturday

  • UofL professor says outside groups can both help and hurt the civil rights movement

  • Normal Derby security will be enforced

  • LMPD plans to funnel demonstrators to specific areas

Dr. Jamal Bryant, pastor of Atlanta megachurch New Birth Missionary Baptist Church told Spectrum News 1 he was flying to Louisville on Friday before lending his voice to the push for justice for Breonna Taylor.

The NFAC – a black militia – is expected to return to the city, and possibly be met by right-wing militia members of the Three Percenters. UofL Professor Dr. Dewey Clayton told Spectrum News 1 that outside groups can both help and hurt a civil rights movement.

"This is part of a bigger, national movement looking at racial protest and killings," Clayton said. "It wasn’t just Breonna Taylor. But, Breonna Taylor being specific to Louisville and Kentucky, this was a local movement. And it is great to see national people come in, but not to come in and take over, and not to come in and start violence, and even come in and, sort of, foment violence. So, that will definitely take away."

Road closures, fencing, and the national guard are all regular parts of Derby security, though Louisville Metro Police has added plans to “funnel” demonstrators to specific areas to keep them separated from opposing groups, while still being able to voice their opinion.