HARDINBURG, Ky. — U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath continued her "Mission: Rebuilding Kentucky" tour Thursday.

What You Need To Know

  • Senate candidate Amy McGrath is flying around Kentucky

  • She made a stop in Breckinridge County

  • She shared her platform

  • McGrath wants better healthcare, term limits, and to combat poverty

 The Democrat hoping to unseat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell flew herself to a campaign stop at Breckinridge County Airport where she was met with a couple of dozen supporters. 

McGrath met with supporters before telling them about her campaign. 

“Everything that you think is the swamp in Washington. That’s Mitch McConnell. And when people say they want to drain the swamp I say great but you can’t do that until you get rid of the guy that built it,” she told the crowd. 

McGrath touched on her platform, the need for better access to health care including lower prescription drug costs, providing economic relief caused by the pandemic, combating poverty, and racial and economic injustices, ensuring each county has good paying jobs, and cleaning up corruption in Washington. One of the ways McGrath says is key to begin tackling the corruption in D.C. is term limits. 

“This is not a red or a blue issue I can partner with the most conservative people on the far right because people are for this because it is the right thing to do. Nobody should be in office for 42 years, nobody,” she said. 

McGrath is referring to the amount of time McConnell will have been in office if he receives another six-year term, he has currently served in the Senate for 36 years. However, the McConnell campaign is hitting back against McGrath’s calls for term limits over her support of Joe Biden for President who served 36 years himself as a U.S. Senator representing Delaware. Biden gave up his Senate seat to serve as Vice President under President Barack Obama, acquiring another 8 years of service in a public office. 

McGrath also spoke about the need to end systemic racism.  

“In my mind, we have to a conversation in this country on racial injustice and there are already some things already on Mitch McConnell’s desk at the federal level that can be done that he won’t even allow debate on,” she told reporters after the gathering. 

McGrath also promised to end partisan politics in Washington if elected despite running countless attacks against McConnell, when asked how voters can believe she will serve in a nonpartisan way she reflected on her time as a Marine. 

“When I was in the Marines I never looked to the Marine on my left, the Marine on my right and said are you a Democrat or Republican. Not once. Those of us who served, we said what’s the mission, when we got there we said what’s the mission, I’m a Democrat, my husband is a lifelong Republican, we are Americans first.”

Supporters believe it’s time for a change. 

“McConnell has never done anything that’s benefited me in 36 years,” said Randal Lanham. 

The couple dozen in attendance approved of the platform she laid out. 

“I think her racial equality speaks loud and clear,” said Chris Kaminski. "I like her plan to revive Kentucky’s economy”

Others saw her candidacy as a renewal of faith in leadership. 

“I pretty much have very little faith in Mitch McConnell,” said Lanham. "So her being an ex-Marine, I’m pretty sure that she is telling you the truth when she says she’s learned something about leadership from the Marines. I trust her when she says that because I’ve never met a Marine that wasn’t that way.”

McGrath flew to Christian County for her next stop.