LOUISVILLE, Ky. - JCPS superintendent Marty Polio recommended that the first few weeks of the school year will be nontraditional instruction (NTI). 

“My perspective tugs me in two ways,” said Ashley Dearinger. “I’m a mother, first and foremost, but I was also an educator for a long time.”

Dearinger has three children who are enrolled with JCPS. Her family had to turn to NTI when the pandemic began.

“Given the short notice, JCPS did a great job,” said Dearinger. 

Dearinger thinks that the recommendation to have NTI at the start of the upcoming school is year is the best decision the district could make, but she knows it could be hard for some families. 

“I think JCPS is trying their hardest to combat and address that issue. By no means are they perfect ,but I think this is definitely a time for community organizations to step up,” she said.

She doesn’t want parents to worry about their children falling behind. She says the most important thing for families is to keep their children safe and to leave the catch up concerns to educators.

“Teachers are great at what they do. They are highly skilled in content and curriculum. When they get back into the school setting, teachers will be able to jump in and meet them where the students are at, they’re prepared for that."