CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. — Parents will have an additional role as public schools are scheduled to reopen in Kentucky next month.

It's part of the guidelines released by the Kentucky Department of Education.

“Where I stand is I have mixed feelings just like every other parent in the world — nonetheless in Northern Kentucky,” said Chris Brown, a mother of two daughters.

Brown’s younger daughter, Aniyah Baxter, will be a high school senior in the upcoming school year.

Brown says she is undecided to send her 17-year-old daughter to school while we’re in the pandemic.

“The only reason I'm giving a second thought because she has really earned the right to participate in that rite of passage. That’s the only reason it’s getting a second thought otherwise it would not even be a question she would be homeschooled,” Brown said.

For the past three months, parents in Kentucky have educated their children at home.

Now, as schools prepare to reopen, KDE has released guidelines not only for schools but also a checklist for parents to complete before sending kids to school.

Parents could be required to consent and sign a form agreeing to check their children for symptoms such as cough, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms, rashes, and temperatures greater than 100.4 degrees before heading to school.

Campbellsville State Senator Max Wise (R) said parents play a critical role going forward.

“I think teachers do a wonderful part with what they play in the role they play in the classroom but education does not just stop at 3 o'clock when the bell rings,” Wise said. “I think it's also once they go home and parents have a definite role to play.” 

For Brown, she’s hoping every parent will do their part before sending kids back to school.

“It's scary because I don’t think we can really guarantee that every household is going to take the safety precautions that is necessary for us to really be comfortable and confident in sending our kids back to school as of right now.”

In addition, KDE guidelines require each school to have a dedicated health room.

The purpose is so that students with possible COVID-19 symptoms could wait until parents arrive to pick up.