LONDON, Ky. — Most teens love the idea of their own bedroom, but how about their own home? A Kentucky family is gaining a lot of attention after a viral TikTok video showcased their unique living situation. The family of four has six tiny homes on one lot. That includes tiny houses for both of their teenage kids.

The Brinks family decided to move to London, Kentucky from Michigan because it has better weather for hobby farming. They bought the land in 2015 and the shells for the six tiny houses. Then, the dad, Ryan Brinks, spent a year renovating the houses into livable space.

"It was basically, so we could live mortgage-free and as eco-friendly as possible," mom Keli Brinks said.

The main tiny home is where Keli and Ryan sleep. It has a kitchen, living space and a full bathroom.

Their kids, 18-year-old Lennox Brinks and 16-year-old Brodey Brinks, both have their own separate houses. Those do not have a bathroom, so the kids walk outside to another tiny home that has two bathrooms and a guest bedroom. Another tiny house serves as a home office. The sixth is a pool house. That space has a table and opens up to the family above the ground pool.

The teenagers like having their own homes.

"I really like the idea. I like having my own space and not bothering my parents if I want to stay up late," Lennox Brinks said.

They said when people learned about this tiny home village, they were always intrigued.

"They don't know what to expect until they come see it," Brodey Brinks said.

Lennox decided to make a TikTok video showing the unique living situation. When she woke up the next morning, it had nearly a million views in that short amount of time. Since the video went viral, the parents have received a little backlash. They said people are misinterpreting the family dynamic.

"They assume that because the kids have their own tiny houses, that they live separately from us. That's just not the case. Their houses are just bedrooms," Keli said.

In fact, the Brinks family said, since moving into the tiny home village, they actually spend more time together. With a garden, greenhouse, and animals, they spend a lot of time outside.

The Brinks family said living here saves them money.

"These buildings are cheap. They are cheap to purchase. They are cheap to furnish," Keli said.

She also said the tiny home village is more sustainable than a regular house. They use space heaters to warm the tiny homes, so no utilities are running while they are away.