LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Most of us don’t normally look forward to oral health care. But when Louisville Dr. Kwane Watson rolls into your driveway with the “Kare Mobile Dental Unit” you might just find a reason to smile.

“Twenty years of being in one location and looking at the same window everyday I enjoy the fact that I get to go all around town and meet my patients where they are,” Dr. Watson said. 

He's an entrepreneur at heart, and after decades of being in a brick and mortar, decided it might be time for a change of pace.

“What I love most is just helping people that's what i got into it for but as your overhead increases your ability to help people decreases and so reducing your costs allows you to help more people because you don't have the burden of overhead to so,” Dr. Watson said. 

So far, it's working. He's seen more than 400 patients since opening in 2018 and 80 during the month of September alone.

On this particular Thursday he's performing a routine check up on Timothy Samuels whose upbeat personality makes it feels like more like a comedy club than a dental visit.

“Felt like I wanted to walk out here in my robe and my house shoes but I know that wouldn't have been appropriate but you feel comfortable because you actually at home you don't have to go nowhere, you can just come right out here get your professional service and you are right here at home basically you are right here at home," Samuels said.  

And the best part: things are looking pretty good for him  when it comes to his oral health.

“His oral hygiene has improved greatly because a he stopped using tobacco products and he keeps routine appointments now he doesn't just go when there's an emergency or when he's in pain which a few years ago that's the only time I saw him." Dr. Watson said. 

Dr. Watson says all dental needs can be met from his mobile unit.

“We are doing root canals, crown, and bridge Invisalign cases pretty much everything but placing your implant right here on this van," Dr. Watson said. 

He also sees his business as way of addressing a real need in our Kentucky. He says more than 25 percent of people here are suffering from missing teeth. The business models allows him to reach more people who otherwise may never see a dental chair. 

“It's a passion of mine it's the population that I have serviced for the last twenty years in West Louisville. I’ve owned two brick and mortars the other practice i started was in Norton Commons which is the total opposite end of the spectrum but it's about serving the population that you feel most attached to and a part of," Dr. Watson said. 

There's always the added bonus of  rediscovering the city he calls home.

“I’ve seen so many neighborhoods in Louisville I’ve been here for twenty thirty years  that I never knew existed until I started doing this mobily," Dr. Watson said. 

There is no added fee for the mobile service. Most insurances are accepted.

Click HERE to learn more. You can also call 1-800-787-2812.