BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - The Kentucky Building and Museum is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a new exhibit. The new "Out of the Box" exhibit takes visitors back in time to show artifacts that represent the history of the greater Bowling Green community. The building was originally a library and museum in 1939, but construction was not easy due to the Great Depression. 

The entire community pitched in to help fund the project. Children would collect dimes and contribute to the construction. 

Locals like Carrie Taylor have a special section in the museum. 

In the late 19th century, Taylor was an entrepreneur and fashion designer that would eventually create a factory employing over 100 women. 

Exhibit curator, Tiffany Isselhardt, says her designs and attention to detail allowed her to stand out from the rest 

“They’re not just asking your measurements, she’s asking your hair color, your eye color, your skin color what colors do you prefer to wear, what color do people say you look good in and she’s asking you know do you like lace, do you like fur, you know what do you like? And so she’s taking all this information you give her and she’s custom designing it to fit her client”. 

The history of Taylor is interdisciplinary, meaning it has "the fashion design aspect of it, but we also have one of the professors of business here, who is here talking about entrepreneurship and how that ties into the whole movement to get more women entrepreneurs today” says Isselhardt. 

The museum's main purpose is to not only learn about the past but connect it to what we know and how we live in the present. 

The exhibit will continue through May 2020 on WKU's campus.