SANTA MONICA, Calif. (CNS) — With the Southland in the grips of a heat wave, National Park Service officials warned residents Friday to avoid hiking or other activities in the park during peak hours — and to leave their dogs at home.

"Heat is the number one cause of weather-related fatalities in the U.S., so please limit outdoor activities to the early or later part of the day when the temperatures are not as high," David Szymanski, park superintendent for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said in a statement.

NPS officials noted that mountain areas could see temperatures of roughly 115 degrees during the height of the heat wave. They urged people who do venture into the park to stay hydrated, drinking at least one cup of water every 20 minutes. They also issued a special warning for pet owners.

"In addition, we also want to prevent what we see too often during this time of year — dogs succumbing to the effects of the summer heat on the trail," Szymanski said. "Dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke and can literally die within minutes. Please leave them at home in the air conditioning."